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We rolled up our sleeves in the increasing NFT market.
With my professional education and career, we are with you with our original designs.

We bring your NFT ideas to life.
We make original and creative designs on all kinds of people, robots, animals or objects.
Build your own NFT collection with customizable features and rarities and thousands of randomly generated options


My imitations have increased in the market.
You need to take action against people who want to defraud you.
If the telegram username is not   
                         , do not contact !!!
There are people who want to scam you using my brand name.
If you want to get a service, please contact me.



Character design
(it depends on your project)


Collection amount
500-nft = 400$
500-1000 nft = 900$
1000- 2500 nft = 1400$
2500 - 5000 nft  = 2400$
5000-10000 nft =3500$

4k render = 200$
Fast Deliver = 200$

These prices may vary according to the project !.
Contact us to work better with you and make your project the best quality.


Thank u for the order

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